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Magazine: Today’s Traveller

Article: Serving Up India…The Right Way

PATA’s panel of judges selected Today’s Traveller once again. The winning entry was selected from more than 200 gold award entries by a panel of international experts.


The judges’ comment

“Ms Gill takes a tough-love approach to the challenges India is facing in terms of tourism development and promotion. In her interviews with key industry figures, she reveals frank criticism as well as constructive suggestions. Far from being a ‘doom and gloom’ piece, this article examines the negative, but points out

opportunities for a positive outlook.”

Magazine: Today’s Traveller

Article: Domestic Tourism...The Next Big Wave

In 2005, Today’s Traveller was once again selected for the PATA Gold Award. Among the contenders were magazines like Conde Nast Traveler, Travel & Leisure and National Geographic. 


The judges’ comment

“In ‘Domestic Tourism...The Next Big Wave,’ Kamal Gill explains why it has taken the Indian travel industry so long to wake up to the fact of 300 million domestic tourism trips each year. By using incisive quotes from industry and


government tourism leaders, the author shows how a change in the mindset and perspective is finally unleashing a domestic revolution that is influenced by social, economic and political changes. The picture that emerges is of an impossibly diverse destination, which is only now starting to reap the benefits of a multi-faceted, mid-market boom.”

Magazine: Today’s Traveller          

Article: 50 years of Independence: Whither Tourism?

With its very first issue in August 1997, Today’s Traveller, a Business and Leisure travel monthly, was honoured with a PATA Gold Award at the 47th Annual Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) conference held in Manila, in the first week of April 1998. The award recognised the cover story written by Kamal Gill, Executive Editor, Today’s Traveller.

 Joseph A McInerney, the then CEO of PATA, said: “PATA Gold Awards recognise the very best in travel journalism. We honour the award winner’s ability to set new standards for excellence and innovation.”

Magazine: Today’s Traveller

Article: Niche Tourism–Small is Beautiful

In 2006, Today’s Traveller won the PATA Gold Award from amongst a large number of contenders.


The judges’ comment

“Kamal Gill delivers a well-researched, highly informative and ultimately inspirational study of the massive potential of niche tourism in India. Kamal draws out insightful comments from India’s travel trade leaders, who were not afraid to voice their opinions. She outlines the problems of the current approach, which she calls ‘the herd instinct,’ and then focusses on solutions substantiated by expert points of view. Her ‘Niche Tourism’ piece in Today’s Traveller is propelled by a heady wind of ideas that will help consumers and the travel trade discover the immense potential of the inbound travel sector in India.”


MAGAZINE: Today’s Traveller Newswire

Article: Aviation and Climate Change

In 2008, Today’s Traveller Newswire, the aviation industry newspaper won its first PATA Gold Award for Best Travel Journalism.


An excerpt...

The aviation industry is in the eye of a ‘climate change’ storm due to aircraft emissions. Appreciating this, the world is ready to put the aviation industry on notice as a major contributor to global warming. But, is the industry preparing itself for the inevitable confrontation? The article, ‘Aviation and Climate Change,’ analyses the pros and cons of the subject in an exhaustive manner.






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